Make your product launch a success

But even that has the potential for massive disappointment! There are few things more annoying than launching a product and finding out that no one is interested in it. So how do you make sure it gets the hit it deserves?

Ask the audience!

If you already have a successful mailing list or social media channel, why not ask your audience what they want to see? This can make a huge difference in your ultimate success as you can ensure that you are creating a product that is in demand!

Run a beta test

Having only a few people participate in the production phase of your product is a great way to ensure you get feedback on the product. Moreover, it creates a lot of excitement and buzz and you get people discussing the product, which is precisely your goal.

Publish a press release

A press release is an excellent tool you can use to get media coverage for your launch. A launch is inherently more interesting than a regular product, so you have a better chance of getting a story, especially if you find an interesting story about the creation of your product or its content.

Add lots of extra ingredients

The more additional materials you can include as freebies, the more compelling your product will be. This should include videos, reports, mind maps – anything you can think of!

Differentiate your product

If you want to differentiate your product, it can’t cover the same old ground as every other product in your niche. Cover something different and make sure you have something to say!

Engage affiliates

One of the best things you can do for any product launch is get an army of collaborators to help you promote it. To make sure they want to sign up, incentivize them with high commissions, free marketing materials they can use, and contests with cash prizes for the best promoters.

Use a countdown timer

Making sure people can see your clock ticking is a great way to make the excitement more palpable!

Mailing lists are perfect for a product launch

Launching a product is an amazing way to build hype and excitement before it goes live, regardless of what you want to sell. This can lead to a massive flow of sales and essentially help you significantly increase your momentum which will continue throughout the sales process going forward.

So how do you make sure people are excited about your launch? What is the best way to create hype? Where should you promote your upcoming launch?

One of the best options is to create a mailing list and use it to promote your product. Read on to see why this is such a great option…

Your squeeze page

To build your mailing list, you’re going to create a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page on your website where you convince people to sign up for your future emails. That’s one purpose of this page and so you’ll do what you can to convince people it’s a good idea to subscribe

And often that means using a ‘stimulus’.

That incentive can usually be a free ebook or possibly money from future products Either way, it’s something you’re giving away for free in exchange for the contact details of the people who sign up.

This can be very effective for getting more people to join but the risk of a squeeze page is that it can end up meaning people just sign up for the free product and aren’t really interested in your next emails. You’ll know this has happened if you find yourself with a very low open rate.

How a product launch changes everything

But what if you are offering a free product as an incentive? So were the emails themselves stimulating?

Imagine a scenario where you can make your product attractive and unique but you’re a bit vague on the specifics. Your audience knows the product can help them but they aren’t really sure what exactly it is or what’s good about it. Thus, they want to learn more.

They will then sign up to your mailing list to be the first to be updated with more information about the product! And this only works with a product launch because no one will sign up to be notified of a product that is already for sale!